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 Compression socks and compression stockings are important to leg health. Here are 4 benefits to wearing go compression stockings for women and men:

Compression stockings for women

#1 Breathable mesh design 

GO Compression Socks are 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex, High quality compression stocking made of durable compression fabric with seamless woven construction. Lightweight compression stockings, improves air permeability and effectively reduces the heat from the skin surface. excellent elasticity with fit snug and no loss of compression. Wash after wash, stays fitted throughout the day. 

Compression stockings for women

#2 Firm Support Class II 20-30mmHG 

GO compression stockings are firm supporting for comfortable leg circulation – compression level Class II 20-30 mmHG is Firm to medium compression support strength graduated compression socks higher grade of compression promoting increases blood circulation and helps speed up recovery time. these stockings help remove lactic acid, which stimulates muscle soreness giving you muscular pain relief. additionally, ensures an injury is healing, reduces and supports swelling, restless legs syndrome relief, varicose vein treatment for legs, relieving edema, lymphedema, and severe spider veins, relief from acute venous insufficiency. Post Workout Muscle Recovery.

Compression stockings for women

#3 Arch support 

GO Compression Socks strengthens the arch of the foot and helps reduce plantar fasciitis. the pressure provided by the compression socks through the arch of the foot provides support and can also reduce inflammation and swelling at the site of your pain, a compressive sleeve surrounding the arch of the foot. Plantar fasciitis socks help maintain some stretch through the plantar fascia while improving blood flow  which can calm swelling and reduce pain.


Compression stockings for women


#4 shin support 

GO Compression stockings are knee-high socks providing Shin support and shin Splint Relief for inflammation on the inside edge of your shinbone.  Promotes blood flow to your shins, compresses the injury site to reduce inflammation. With increased blood flow. Compression Socks for women and men are important to leg health.


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