How To Put On Compression Socks

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 It is important to know how to put on your compression socks properly. If you are having issues putting on and taking off your compression socks, these 3 videos will help. Each video explains the following steps to easily put on your compression socks:

  • #1 Reach inside the socks and find the heel, then pull the sock over top of your hand, so you can see the inside of the heel.
  • #2 slip the sock over your foot and pull towards your heel to cover.
  • #3 Then pull the remaining portion of the sock up to your knee.

See this vidoe from Thesunnyedge on HOw to put on compression socks (The Easiest Way)


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  • NOW Check out GO Compression Socks they are High quality compression stocking 20-30mmHG Medical Grade, made of durable compression fabric with seamless woven construction. Lightweight compression stockings, strengthens the arch of the foot and helps reduce plantar fasciitis, breathable mesh design, excellent elasticity with fit snug with no loss of compression. Wash after wash, stays fitted throughout the day. Open toe to let your toes breathe! 
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