Need Leg Support While Jumping Rope? - Wear Compression Socks

Shin, Ankle, & Arch Support

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Benefits of Jumping Rope

there are many physical and mental benefits to jumping rope. A great article explains these benefits in detail here

If you didn't already know;

  • it is cheap to buy a jump rope and you can use it practically anywhere, 
  • you can burn calories in a short period of time, using your lower body, upper body and core muscles to jump,
  • coordination is challenged when jumping at a calculated time, improves your muscles near your ankle and foot, plus increases foot coordination
  • a great cardio workout, that builds strength and endurance

If you want to join a community focused on the Jump rope workout, check out www. Crossrope capitalizes on this by pairing its weighted ropes with plyometric and bodyweight movements to craft a fun and effective workout system. they have an app with a Complete library of workouts, challenges and fitness programs. 

Check out  10 Jump Rope Benefits: The Unique Results of Jump Rope Training here and Here on how to avoid injury while jumping rope. 

benefits of Compression Stockings?

check out This video from Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck who have over 60 years of combined experience in the physical therapy field.  here they discuss in detail reasons why you need compression socks. 

why wear compression socks while jumping rope?

Compression stockings for women

#1 - Improves blood circulation 

pain in the legs, leg cramping or leg throbbing, before, during or after jumping rope could be a sign of Poor circulation. the support from the compression socks help remove lactic acid, which stimulates muscle soreness giving you muscular pain relief. additionally, ensures an injury is healing, reduces and supports swelling. 

#2 - Shin, ankle, and Arch of the foot support GO Compression Socks supports the ankle, strengthens the arch of the foot which helps reduce plantar fasciitis. the knee-high stockings provide Shin support and shin Splint Relief for inflammation on the inside edge of your shinbone. So while you jump, you can be confident that you have the blood flow to your shins you need.  additionally, strengthens the muscles surrounding your foot and ankle joints, this can help decrease ankle and foot injuries. Not to mention, faster muscle recovery. your achy, tired and sore legs need help after a great jump workout. Don't forget to stay hydrated, eat right, and rest. If you want more support other than the compression stockings check out this blog explaining the use of a massage gun and foam roller that can help.

#3 - Firm Support Class II 20-30mmHG GO compression stockings are firm supporting for comfortable leg circulation – graduated compression socks with a higher grade of compression promoting increased blood circulation and helps speed up recovery time. Breathable mesh design GO Compression Socks are 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex, High quality compression stocking made of durable compression fabric with seamless woven construction. Lightweight compression stockings with moisture wicking, improves air permeability and effectively reduces the heat from the skin surface. excellent elasticity with fit snug and no loss of compression. Wash after wash, stays fitted throughout the day.

buy your GO compression socks for jumping rope today Here on Amazon or at



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