Want to Keep Healthy & Sexy Legs? Compression Socks Can Help!

GO Open Toe Compression Socks For Women

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If you want to naturally keep your legs healthy or want to improve the health of your legs, here are 3 key actions you can perform daily to take care of your sexy legs! 

#1 STRETCH DAILY - mobility tool

you can do 10 minutes of a follow along stretching with @strengthside that will help you Become more flexible and resilient as long as you perform the stretches correctly and with intent. if you want to change your life, Be consistent and you will see results. Check this video out. 



#2 Improve blood circulation - mobility tool

If you experience tingling, numbness, pain in the legs, leg cramping or leg throbbing, this could be a sign of Poor circulation. It is the most common and the body's circulation system is responsible in sending blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout your body. When blood flow to a specific part of your body is reduced, you may experience the symptoms of poor circulation. 

Conditions that might lead to poor circulation are Nerve damage, Tissues damage, Sitting too long on a flight, Sitting in meditation position with leg cross, and Diabetics. this video by Austin Goh will help you to naturally strengthen, relax the leg muscles,.  and increase blood flow to the legs.

Do this 2 times a day for 3 weeks. How to improve the blood circulation in your legs in just 3 minutes! 


 #3 wear GO Compression Socks - Mobility Tool

 GO Compression Toeless Compression Socks are 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex, Class II 20-30 mmHG firm to medium compression strength with graduated compression. Breathable mesh design, high quality compression stocking made of durable fabric with seamless woven construction. Lightweight, strengthens the arch of the foot, excellent elasticity with fit snug and no loss of compression. Here are 3 advantages to wearing open toe compression socks:

Compression socks for women

3 Advantages: 

#1 - Open Toe socks provide the same medical compression as closed toe stockings, you get the compression you need by extending past the entire ankle, heel, and over the entire arch of the foot, however leaving your toes free. #2 - Great to wear post workout or after a long day on your feet, so you can wear your sandals or flip flops, or no shoes and leave your toes out to breathe. #3 - For people who need freedom of motion for their toes. If you have a large shoe size or long toes, bunions, toe sensitivities, ingrown nails, open sores, or don't want cramped toes.

Try GO Compression Today! Buy Now on Amazon. Or at the Website here www.gocompressionlab.com 


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