Why Use Medium to Firm Compression Stocking Class II Level 20-30mmHG Support?

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There are many benefits to wearing compression socks. for example, using them for better blood circulation or To Prevent Pooling Of Blood In the Legs or more shin and arch support. you can find 4 benefits in this blog 4 benefits to wearing GO compression stockings 

The higher the compression class, the higher the pressure exerted by the medical compression stocking. Medical compression stockings are divided into four compression classes.  Class I (18-22mmHG), Class II (23-32mmHG), CLass III (34-46mmHG), Class IV (>49mmHG). Find out more here. The pressure of the compression classes is given either in kPa (kilopascal) or mmHg (millimetres of mercury). the pressure must decrease continuously from the ankle to the thigh, graduated compression. 

Here is a quick summary of The Different Compression over the counter Grades: 

Open Toe Compression Socks for Women

Ultra Light - 4-10mmHG 

If you have Healthy legs and want a very light compression support, this range is for you. instead of regular, no compression socks, you can wear this light level of compression. 

Light - 15-20mmHG 

if you have minor or occasional swelling and want a little extra support, or spend a lot of time standing on your feet. Click Here to find this Amazon best seller sock with light compression. 

Medium - 20-25mmHG 

This is the range most often recommended for reducing swelling and preventing blood clots. If you experience swelling in your ankles or feet by the end of a long day, this is the support you want to help.

Firm - 25-30mmHG 

if you need relief for aching, fatigued legs, or want to reduce edema from varicose veins and other conditions, this Firm compression is for you.   

Here is a Video on How to know if compression socks are too tight? (signs and symptoms)


So Why use 20-30mmHG GO Compression Socks?

Go Compression High quality compression stocking is made of durable compression fabric with seamless woven construction, breathable mesh design, excellent elasticity. 

The Class II 20-30 mmHG Firm compression stocking support strength, graduated compression promotes blood circulation and recovery, reduce and support swelling, restless legs syndrome relief, varicose vein treatment for legs, and supports severe spider veins, relief from acute venous insufficiency. Post Workout Muscle Recovery, strengthens the arch of the foot and helps reduce plantar fasciitis, The elasticity gives a Fit snug with no loss of compression. So many benefits, buy today Here on Amazon or at www.gocompressionlab.com

Compression socks for women


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